RULES - Hidden Truths Wiki

  • Do not beg to be unblocked, beg to be an admin, or beg to make a page, its unnecessary. You will get a warning but if it continues, it will result in an extended ban/1 day ban.
  • Do not make fun of/harass others/be racist for there religious views or how they live there life. These can be very hurtful, and will cause a 3 week ban.
  • DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT harass, cyberbully, or be mean to people on chat. Everyone should treat each other with repect. If the person doesnt apologize to results in a ban, depending on the severitiy on the harassment.
  • Do not edit without permission from the owner! You must ask to edit there page first for major editing before changing the page. This is to prevent vandalism, or making people angry. Doing so without permission will result in a warning, and of it continues, a 1 week ban.
    • However, this doesnt count minor edits (like grammar errors, adding categories, etc).
  • Please do not add pages without permission, ask the admins or me to add a page. If a page is added without permission, the person who made the page will get a warning, but if the page is added again, a 2 week ban.
  • Do not ban people for no  reason or ban without  admin discussion. However, you may ban people if the user is vandalizing or causing a severe offense, then they can be banned  without admin discussion. Doing so will result in a 3 day ban.
  • Don't  argue on chat or comment war, because these things  can be very annoying and will only be allowed in PM. Doing so will cause a 2 hour ban to "cool down".
  • Only protect pages if nessesary. Like to stop an "edit war" or to prevent vandalism, however, you must ask an admin if they can do so.
  • Chat mods are basically admins on the wiki, so dont promote a user because they're nice or they're your friend. This only can be promoted if the user is from the same series of wikis. (like Forgotten Souls).
  • You must be 13 or older to join the wiki, but the suggested age here is 16, unless the user is mature enough. If the user  is younger than 13, he or she will be banned until they are 13 (like if the user is 11, they'll be banned 2 years, or be banned until they're 13th birthday)

So there you have it, rules for the wiki, if you'd  like to add  a rule or suggest a change in the rule, say in the comments below.