Kibis Are A Race In Hidden Truths. They Where Originally In A Population Of 1 Trillion. However Due To Excessive Hunting For Her Kibiberries, Only 500,000 Remain. Originally Very Sparse Pop, The Kibis Now Live Very Close To Each Other. Almost None Of The Kibis Are Capable Of Speaking Clear English. They Usually Either Speak Kibinese (They're Own Language) Or Japanese.

Colour MeaningsEdit

While Kibis Can Be Different Colours, They Are Elemental Colours, Kibis Colour Is Affected. However They Sport Both Ups & Downs.

Peach - Beauty. He Controls Beauty Powers

Orange - Electric. He Controls Electric Powers

Yellow - Psychic. He Controls Psychic Powers

Green - Grass. He Controls Grass Powers

Blue - Water. He Controls Water Powers

Navy Blue - Bioluminiscence. He Controls Bioluminiscence Powers

Periwinkle - Fairy. He Controls Fairy Powers

Lilac - Sound. He Controls Sound Powers

Lavender - Ghoul. He Controls Ghoul Powers

Purple - Shadow. He Controls Shadow Powers

Pink - Flying. He Controls Flying Powers

White - Ice. He Controls Ice Powers

Gray - Steel. He Controls Steel Powers


Kibis Sport Circle Heads Cubic Bodies & Sphere Legs/Feet (Same As Magnucusions). A Typical Kibi Is At Least A Few Inches Taller Than A Normal HTF

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