Magnucusions are a race in Forgotten Souls. They were originally in a population of 1 Trillion. However due to excessive hunting for their meat, only 500,000 remain. Oringally very sparse pop, the magnucusions now live very close to each other. Almost none of the magnucusions are capable of speaking clear English. They usually either speak Magnusic (They're own language) or Spanish.

Color MeaningsEdit

While Magnucusions can be different colors, they are commonly gray. Similar to Samareruses, Magnucusions color is affected. However they sport both ups and downs.

White - Unknown - Only heard through rumors, no sightings as if yet.

Light Gray - Common. Light Gray Magnucusions are nimble and very quick/agile. However they are more fragile then the other color types

Gray - The most common type. Gray Magnucusions sport even ammounts of speed and durability.

Dark Gray - Uncommon. Dark Gray Magnucusions are usually very strong and durable, however they are also quite slow, only faster then a black one.

Black - Rare. Only 10 remain. These are extremely durable, capable of taking meteorites to the face and fists strong enough to destroy a tank in one punch. They're speed however, makes a snail look like a cheetah on steroids. Even though it doesn't show, SS RS is among these 10 Black Magnucusions (as his metal suit is gray which is covering his entire body)

Rainbow - EXTREMELY Rare. Only 1 has even been seen. Although small compared to the other variants, they have the strength of a Dark Gray magnucusion and the agility of a Light Gray Magnucusion. It should be noted that Rainbow Magnucusions aren't actually rainbow.

Green - Exclusive. Green Magnucusions Are Always Cuter Than Gray Magnucusions

Pink - EXTREMELY Exclusive. Female Magnucusions Looks Just Like Kibis

Red - Ability On Fire. Red Magnucusions Controls Fire Powers

Orange - Ability On Earth. Orange Magnucusions Controls Earth Powers

Yellow - Ability On Beauty. Yellow Magnucusions Controls Beauty Powers

Blue-Green - Ability On Electric. Blue-Green Magnucusions Controls Electric Powers

Cyan - Ability On Speed. Cyan Magnucusions Controls Speed Powers

Light Blue - Ability On Ice. Light Blue Magnucusions Controls Ice Powers

Blue - Ability On Water. Blue Magnucusions Controls Water Powers

Purple - Ability On Magic. Purple Magnucusions Controls Magic Powers


Magnucusions sport circle heads, cubic bodies and sphere legs/feet. A typical magnucusion is at least a few inches taller then a normal HTF.

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