Samareruses are a species, there characteristics are fennec fox (originally bat) ears for hearing, cat eyes for seeing, sharp teeth for shredding meat for food, pony/horses hooves for strength, kangaroo hindquarters for improved jumping, a beaver/sea otter tail for improved swimming, and a bird wing and a bat wing for flying. They can also have black hair.

There original population was over 20,000, as they where a  species, but due to continuous hunting by poachers and hunters (because of there increadibly soft, thick, and comfy fur), they decreased to 1,000, so they're critically endangered.

They also had a relationship with the Magnucusions. THey can also speak in there own language, Gatan, and clear English.

Color MeaningsEdit

There fur color means how powerful they are:

  • White; very weak, usually killed after birth, but are intellengent, Jane seems to be the only white Samarerus.
  • Light Gray; slightly weak, only 20 are known
  • Gray; normal, average strength
  • Dark Gray; powerful and strong, but only 20 are known
  • Black; Very,very,very rare, but very powerful and very strong, only 10 are known.
  • Purple; can use magic, more rarer than Black Samareruses, only 2 have been seen.
  • Blue; can control water, only 1 have been seen.
  • Red; can control fire, only 1 have been seen.
  • Yellow; can control lightning, only 4 have been seen, one of them in fact, is a Samera.
  • Green; can control the earth, only rumors,  none where seen.
  • Striped; can run very fast and agile, only 6 are known
  • Spoted;usually great fighters and can easily camouflage, only 3 are known.

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