"Do not judge a book by it's cover...I'm not THAT type of vampire!"
Full Name: Dustin Boris-Lazarus Ambrosia
Nicknames: Dusty (most commonly), Dus-turd (by bullies)
Age: 214
Gender: Male
Fur Color: Tan, dark brown
Hair Color: Brown
Species: Vampire Cat(Formerly Thai Cat)
Occupation: Vampire(?)
Parent(s): Unknown Deceased Parents
Sibling(s): Nathan (younger brother)
Icarus (older brother)
Offspring(s): None
Spouse(s): Unknown
Episode Count: TBA
Comic Count: TBA
First Appearance: TBA


Dustin is a main character in Forgotten Souls.

 Characteristics and BiographyEdit

Dustin is a tan and brown thai cat with unusual curved ears and tail.He is a vampire, but espite being a vampire, he rarely sucks blood. Instead, Dustin sucks the red out of apples, or anything red. Dustin is a loner, meaning he barely has any friends, except for Steve, whom is one of his friends. He avoids sunlight and garlic (for Garlic, he claims he alergic to it). The reason he wears hoodie is, obviously sunlight, but he also wear it so he can aviod being seen as a vampire (he has a bit mark on his neck). His brothers are Nathan and Icarus, and is the middle child. He is afriad of getting mobbed and being killed.






  • Dustin is 214 years old, as he's born on Febuary 17th, 1800.
  • He crys blood, meaning he has Haemolacria.
  • Dustin might also suffer from Major depression.
    • Despite this, he's rarely seen in RPs, but it's seen in art.
  • He's as big as a normal cat, so this means he's around a foot tall.
  • Dustin's theme is Sacrificial - The Binding of Isaac