Full Name: Icarus Lycan Ambrosia
Nicknames: Lycan
Age: 231
Gender: Male
Fur Color: Dull blue-gray
Hair Color: Black
Species: Werewolf Wolf
Occupation: Unknown
Parent(s): Unknown deceased parents
Sibling(s): Dustin (younger brother),
Nathan (younger brother)
Offspring(s): None
Spouse(s): None
Episode Count: TBA
Comic Count: TBA
First Appearance: TBA
"You don't understand, I have to live with this...curse...I cant control myself if I'm like that...never,ever letting that happen again!"

-Icarus; ???

Icarus is one of main characters in Hidden Truths.

Characteristics and BiographyEdit

Icarus is a dull blue-gray Werewolf wolf who is the older brother of Nathan and Dustin. He is very netrual, sometimes can be cruel at times, while he can be helpful at times. Icarus is able to control when he turns into a werewolf, mostly by angre, annoyance, and, most commonly, about to lose in a fight. Usually, he's quiet when meeting new people, yet has his own gang.






  • He's 231 years old, meaning he was born on June 30th, 1783.
    • The reason Icarus lived for so long was because of his werewolf curse, which makes him immortal, so he doesn't age.
  • Icarus has Intermittent explosive disorder, which includes uncontrollable rage.