Full Name: Jane
(full name is unknown)
Nicknames: Unknown
Age: Around the teens (13-18)
Gender: Female
Fur Color: White
Hair Color: Black
Species: Samarerus
Occupation: TBA
Parent(s): Unnamed Deceased Father
Micheal (mother)
Sibling(s): Unknown 8 other siblings
Offspring(s): Angelica (daughter)
Gabriel (son)
Spouse(s): SS RS (husband)
Episode Count: TBA
Comic Count: TBA
First Appearance: TBA
'"Wait, the Samareruses aren't the only ones almost existent? Oh, I never knew........"

- Jane;???

Jane is a main character.

Characteristics and BiographyEdit

Jane is a Samarerus, a species which is almost extinct. She is a loner and is afraid of "two-legged" beings, usually furries. However, she trys to pay attention and is very noisy and curious. Jane is also with a tribe of Magnucusion, and is most commonly seem with SS RS, whom she's secretly in love with.


"D-Daddy? DADDY?! Wake up!"

- Jane; finding her dad sheared to death

When Jane was a Samera (a baby Samarerus), she has loved her parents, but both where gray, and Jane was white, which means she was weak. However, her father saved Jane from getting killed during birth, and Jane's mother, Michel, have given her food and shelter.

After a few years, when Jane was still a Samera, her father decided to go out for patrol around there territory. After a few minutes, the Soldats(?) took him away, slit his throat, and because of his soft fur, sheared him. Jane and Michel heard this and show in horror, this scared Jane for life, as her father cared for her so much.



  • She's the second non-HTF character who is canon, the first was SS RS.
    • Ironically, she's in love with SS RS secretly.
  • Her name means "gift to god".