Full Name: Nathan Casper Ambrosia
Nicknames: Ghost Bird
Age: 209
Gender: Male
Fur Color: Red
Hair Color: Red
Species: Cardinal
Occupation: Unknown
Parent(s): Unknown Deceased Parents
Sibling(s): Dustin (older brother),
Icarus (older brother)
Offspring(s): None
Spouse(s): None
Episode Count: TBA
Comic Count: TBA
First Appearance: TBA
"It's just a simple smile JUST to be happy! You should know that, Dustin!"

-Nathan; telling Dustin how to be happy

Nathan is a main character in Hidden Truths.

Chracteristics and BiographyEdit

Nathan is a red ghost bird and is the younger brother of Dustin and Icarus. He's usually naive and happy-go-lucky. Usually, he tries to make others happy like Pinkie Pie, ironically. He spends time with Dustin more often than Icarus, usually because Nathan thinks Icarus is mean (which is kind of true). Since Nathan is a ghost, he can pass through objects,  walls, and float, however, he can't turn invisible.






  • He's 209 years old, as he's born on December 24th, 1805.
  • He's slightly smaller than Dustin.
  • Nathan seems to have Williams syndrome.