Prometheus is a main character in Hidden Truths.

Name: Prometheus

Previous name: Gatekeeper

Age: Unknown, but do to the fact that he had no knowledge of Equestria , it suggests that he is several thousand years old at least.

Personality: Normally calm, but has been known to have a short temper at times.

Race: Biopony, resembles a alicorn but has two reverse facing horns and three eyes.

Prometheus new look: mane is now white short in the back long in the front kinda emo esk but with out the angst covers the right eye and fore head eye , no longer has a horn now has two horns pointing back and future back on the head his hide is now a lightish gray and the emblem(red circles on chest) has been both changed and moved it his right shoulder(emblem changes with master but if set free don't mater how emblem will stay same till next master) the tail is the same length but is more groomed like mane no design and is white and I mean snowy white not that shitty eggshell white or the paper and computer white only one new design on boy and is a black stripe in middle of back from head to tail cutey mark is the same s gate in front of a black swerly portal with two crossed swords in front surrounded by sparkles (signifies magic ya know) eyes are still red but more of a pail red and his wing size is larger to accommodate his size as before hand I drew then to small till got that upside down or right side up curve triangle and the fact that he has four wings whatever at the base now under right hoof a serial number kind of thing and other info too project: desolation #00

back story (currently unfinished)Edit

setting: a kingdom in the middle of a war a kingdom on the losing side and very desperate times and a dieing king and an even more desperate Queen under both the presser of her dieing king and the weight of leading an army and a kingdom with no previous experience she orders her team of researchers and palace mage's to work together and make her a weapon fast no matter the cost