• Clesta The Winged Wolf

    Alright, so I had this idea for a book series this month, so, I decided to make this blog. Sign up in the comments, but read the info first!

    The series stars the main character, Rachel, a wolf/cat hybrid. She's an orphan, adopted by abusive foster parents (only she and her friends know this). She lives in a world full of furries/anthro animals, called Muria. 

    However, one night, when she wished upon the stars, what she thought was a shooting star, crashed onto her backyard. When she found out what it was, it was her spirit animal, The Animositas, a creature with a unicorn horn, large bird wings, a horses mane, a cat's muzzle, bat ears, slit-like eyes, the backpaws of a wolf, and other animals, as each can differ from each other. Rachel finds…

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  • Clesta The Winged Wolf

    I made 4 adoptes that are rejects, here they are:

    If you want one of the characters, copy and fill out this form:









    Weaknesses (MUST be needed, since this is a reject):

    Reject for: 



    None, as of now

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