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The series stars the main character, Rachel, a wolf/cat hybrid. She's an orphan, adopted by abusive foster parents (only she and her friends know this). She lives in a world full of furries/anthro animals, called Muria. 

However, one night, when she wished upon the stars, what she thought was a shooting star, crashed onto her backyard. When she found out what it was, it was her spirit animal, The Animositas, a creature with a unicorn horn, large bird wings, a horses mane, a cat's muzzle, bat ears, slit-like eyes, the backpaws of a wolf, and other animals, as each can differ from each other. Rachel finds out the name of the creature is Cosmo, which is weird because she's female, but most people mistake her as a male.

Cosmo has amnesia, and it's up to Rachel, and her newfound friend (Cosmo), to recover her memories bit by bit.

The Characters

Main Characters


A wolf/cat hybrid and the main character. She's critically abused by her foster parents, as her parents where murdered and robbed right in front of her by a gang of raccoons (now arrested). Rachel is usually a kind, shy, and timid girl, she never wants to get in trouble and into fights. She prefers flight over fight, causing her to be bullied in Furiona High. Somtimes, she can  be gentle and soft spoken. Her spirit animal is the Animositias and is a vegetarian.  She's played by Clesta The Winged Wolf.


An Animositias and also the main character. She has amnesia and is unable to remember her past, but during the events of the books, she regains her memories bit by bit, explaining her backstory. She's a tomboy and is aggressive. Cosmo absolutely LOVES adventures and action, with an ego to match. She's played by Clesta The Winged Wolf.



(NOTE: There is NO main villian, simaler to MLP FIM, there can be one time villians, evil turned to good villians, or comebacks of GOOD villians)

Minor/Supporting/Other Characters


(more characters and information will come soon)


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